Interpretive Grid – The Gospel According to the Navy SEALs – Part One

I wasn’t doing well at all.

On a human level, the equation for “make life work” seemed pretty simple. And I couldn’t believe how much I was blowing it.  In reality, I had fallen under the spell that Chesterton calls the great calamity of the riddle of the earth:  I had forgotten who I was and the story in which I truly live.

And then came the rescue.  Over a few weeks.  First came a few (more) books on the training and tactics of the US Navy SEALs.  And then a prompting to watch the Lord of the Rings extended trailer again and again.  It was smelling salts.  I woke up and recovered an orientation that had been lost.  Something was righted deep in my soul. And as my hero Bart says, yet again, I became Dangerous for Good.