Yearly Archives: 2010

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    The Paradox of Choice and Why More is Less

    I’ll never forget the day Cherie and I were standing in Home Depot. We had just bought our “dream house” and like many honeymooners, we too were convinced that buying a “fixer upper” and putting some sweat equity into it would transform it from a house to a home. It’s a stage every young couple...

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    Beauty and Affliction

    (My bride Cherie has included below our annual Christmas letter on behalf of our little family out here in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies…) There are only two things that pierce the human heart. One is beauty. The other is affliction. ~Simone Weil This quote hangs on a lilac-colored wall in Morgan’s childhood home...

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    A Virgin Hebrew Teenager

    (This is part II of my last blog, Harnessed Strength.  Please read that first) In my last blog I offered some thoughts on humility as harnessed strength.  What I am suggesting is that at the core of having a powerful life is a deep yielding to a Larger Strength than our own.  We must intentionally...

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    Harnessed Strength

    A good friend was speaking on humility and it forever changed my worldview.  She described humility, as defined in the original Hebrew text, as “harnessed strength.”  True humility is far from passive or acquiescence. True humility is strength, yielded. Originally, humility was used to describe a wild stallion that had to be broken, brought under...

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    (Three brothers and Dad) I met John three months after his best friend Brent Curtis (co-author of his first book, The Sacred Romance) had died. It was a tragic and unexpected death—Brent fell 80 feet in a climbing accident during their inaugural Wild at Heart event. (You can read more on that in John’s stunning...

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    Craig McConnell

    Turning thirty (several years back) was an incredibly hard and pivotal time in my masculine journey.  One interpretation of my life was that: things couldn’t be better.  I have a beautiful wife, two remarkable kids, and meaningful work. But the deeper reality revealed disappointment.  My life wasn’t where I thought it would be at thirty....

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