Monthly Archives: July, 2010

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    A Powerful Life

    “So what would you like to be for Halloween this year?”  I offered the question casually as we sat around the dinner table.  My four year old son, with a gleam in his eye responded, “I want to be a Hazmat Fire Rescue Fighter!” Perfect. I had no idea what it was but I was...

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    A Great Response

    I received a great email from Aaron Johnson, one of the attendees of the inaugural thirties retreat and fellow sojourner.  He said that he walked away from the retreat with a list of about 25 topics to journal about, and walk with God, in time.  The first topic he journaled on was this question, “What...

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    What is Satan’s Plan For Your Life?

    What is Satan’s plan for your life? It is a profound question and one I never considered until God snuck up on me.  I was sitting in a church service twelve years ago on a non-descript Sunday.  The pastor was talking about God having a personal plan for our lives.  And I sensed God asking...

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      Who will you be in 2020?  Yesterday I watched a youth video where that question was being presented to teenagers.  It struck me as a profound and inspiring question.  To measure life in a decade and wonder, dream about who you will be a decade from today. That question seems to make more sense...

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    Well, it's been a week since The Thirties Retreat.  How's it going?  Fourth of July marked the second anniversary of the Snyders beginning to put our marriage back together after a big detour through Cherie's illness.  Fourth of July holds deep meaning and hope in our household.  So, Saturday night, on the eve of this momentous occasion, we had the biggest fight of two years.  Both Cher and I feeling hurt, misunderstood, disrespected... just ugly.

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