Yearly Archives: 2011

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    The Colonel

    I meet with a counselor every week. We’ve been sharing life together for just over six months now. It has been one of the top three most transformative experiences of my life. My counselor has a striking resemblance to the Colonel of KFC. Thus he affectionately goes by “the Colonel” among my close friends. Last...

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    I used to be a golfer. It was another lifetime ago. It was a context where my heart was first opened to beauty- walking alone on late summer evenings during rounds on the local public course. Now my golf consists of borrowed clubs and a round of best ball with a few buddies once a...

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    Propped Up Kingdoms

    I was caught off guard by the beauty.  I had just driven out of the Miami International Airport (which could be the ugliest and most run down airport in the US).  I picked up the rental car and pointed southwards to meet up with my brother and dad and to chase tarpon on the fly...

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    Death by Perpetual Accessibility

    We live in an era of unprecedented accessibility. And I would like to suggest that it’s killing us. But first, a few cell phone faux pas: I’ve butt dialed Darryl Evans. While trying to play downloaded games on my smart phone, my three-year-old daughter has directly called both a megachurch pastor and the president of...

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    What are your questions? Who are you asking?

    Today I received an email from a young man who heard me teach at a recent Wild at Heart retreat. His email was simple and startlingly refreshing. “Can you give me the names of a few authors you would recommend as I start out on this journey?” It’s rare for me to hear good men...

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    No Shortcuts

    I remember the moment like it was yesterday. John and I were in his truck driving back from an elk hunt, once again with no elk in our possession. We have affectionately come to know our noble pursuit of archery hunting in the backcountry of Colorado as “armed hiking.” After all, it is rare to...

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