Monthly Archives: October, 2012

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    The Intensive 2013 – Details on How to Apply

    A Rare Event. A Rare Opportunity. A Rare Fellowship of Men. This is an exclusive gathering of world changing peers. In the company of wise, older men who have taken the ancient path. Men who are out in front. Men saying, “come along”. Over a decade in the making, the Intensive is designed for younger, world-changing men...

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    On Our Fridge – Part II

    Thanks to Brady and Sam for your leadership and mentoring on this.

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    Fallen Kings, Fallen Kingdoms

    It’s nearly a pandemic; fallen kings and fallen kingdoms. Elliot Spitzer’s fall was the first story that crushed me years ago. I had so much esteem for him; he was a modern day Teddy Roosevelt, going after the Big Brothers of Insurance conglomerates and Wall Street Tycoons and standing up for the rights of the...

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    On Our Fridge – Part I

        This first came to us through an NPR interview with Ira Byock.

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