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    Wholehearted – Proverbs from the 2012 Intensive – Volume VII

    heart/härt/ n. The vital center and source of one’s being; The repository of one’s deepest and sincerest feelings and beliefs; The truest you. The recovery of your whole heart is always available. No matter how lost you think it is, or parts of it are. You can always get them back if you invite Christ...

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    What Did You Believe When You Woke Up This Morning?

      “Perspective is central.  What you believe about this decade will be the primary factor in shaping what this decade becomes.” What we believe in our core assumptions shapes everything. If we believe we are entitled to things, if we believe we “should” be in charge, calling the shots and answering to no one, then...

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    Off the Grid

    It was one the best weekends I can remember having in quite a while. And I am convinced this is the reason: I turned off the smart phone and went off the grid for two days. I was available to three people: my wife and my two kids.  My world shrunk, if only for moments....

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