Monthly Archives: December, 2012

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    Darkness and Light

    (This is a guest blog written by my bride and true companion.  Sending Christmas joy from our home to yours). I realized this morning perhaps why I felt moved to write our letter this week in particular, which turns out to be the last week before our clocks “fall back,” the final week of waking...

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    Unity Trumps Disunity

    The last month has been one of the best months of our 12-year marriage that I can remember.  And the holy part is that it had nothing to do with circumstances. It wasn’t because of a week in Hawaii, a $10,000 check arriving unexpectedly in the mail, or any other outside change. It’s the result...

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    Free Audio Teaching – Sonship: Receiving God as Father

    In this season of giving…we’re giving away a free cd of our “Sonship: Receiving God as Father” audio teaching for a limited time (4.95 shipping not included). Click here to request. My journey of sonship began in a Walmart parking lot six years ago. It was the second great conversion of my life. My son was...

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