Yearly Archives: 2013

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    Deeper Magic

    It was nearly a nondescript December Wednesday.  I was pushing hard to finish projects on my desk, and Cherie was likely pulling dinner together and trying to focus the kids on their homework. The only difference was that winter’s first snow had enveloped our town throughout the day. The constancy of a light and gentle...

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    Intensive 2014 – Now Accepting Applications

    What if you had four days to spend in the wilderness of Colorado? Unplugged from the matrix. Four days in a fellowship of world changing men like you. A fellowship of men who want what you want and have to fight through similar battles to get it. A circle of young men all on the front side of...

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    First Light – A Truly Happy Thanksgiving

    Pause with me for a moment. Do this mental exercise: what comes to mind when you think of a turkey? For most of my life, my first thought would have been an oblong, shrink-wrapped package in the frozen food section.  These plastic-coated wonders are so well suited for launching that there now exist actual community events...

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    What Are You Like Along the Way?

    Most of the things that happen to me along the way, I experience as interruptions. I set my calendar and my day with the best of intentions. Inevitably, all kinds of things come up that aren’t on that calendar; those interruptions feel like roadblocks, leaving me frustrated and put out.  Let me be even more...

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    Impossible Possible

    Recently, I was picking up the neighborhood boys to drive them to school along with our kids as is part of our Thursday morning liturgy.  But on this particular day, things were a bit different: our little buddy TJ had declared war on kindergarten and was standing his ground with every bit of strength he...

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    Who Are You Becoming?

    I was reading an NPR news article on Apple’s recent iPhone release and all the upgrades associated with their big splash.  In the world of “let’s build a better mousetrap,” it was quite impressive. Here are a few features that caught my attention: -a new lower-end 5c release at the $99.00 price point to capture...

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