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    A Wallet and a Cell Phone

      When my son was six, I posed this question to him: “Joshua, what does a man need to survive?”  After careful and honest consideration, his response was: “A wallet and a cell phone.” It was brilliant. And painful. Brilliant because of his perceptivity about our culture; painful because the culture in which my kids...

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    Pissin’ on Today – Proverbs from the 2012 Intensive – Volume X

    When making a choice, play the “tape” forward. Take your choice to it’s logical conclusion. Is it worth the cost? For so long I lived with one foot in the past with regret, and one foot in the future with fear and anxiety. And I was pissin’ on today. – Chuck

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    One Thing – Remembering 2012

    For a timeless evening, we feasted on the finest fare: the greatest delicacies of the work of God made manifest in each other’s lives. In December I fought for some time to pause and remember 2012 with the Father, asking Him to help me remember the ways He had invested in my masculine journey over...

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    Forgive – Proverbs from the 2012 Intensive – Volume IX

    for·give/fərˈgiv/ v. to release from obligation or debt; to give up what is due Be kind to your heart. Forgive yourself for being broken and unfinished; always walk away from self-rejection. You’ve been searching to find God when in fact, He has been searching for you all the days of your life. Allow him to...

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    A few months ago my buddy John and I found ourselves deep in the wilderness of the Yukon. The pilgrimage to get there required over 3000 miles of commercial flying, a 250 km drive deep into the bush, a float plane to a remote lake, and a four-hour Argo trudge through woods, bog, and river....

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    Legacy – Proverbs from the 2012 Intensive – Volume VIII

    leg·a·cy/ˈlegəsē/ n. what is handed down from one generation to another. Your legacy lies within your family, not your work.  God gave you your wife to complete you. Listen to her. She hears God’s voice too. – Jim (CEO, large energy company)

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