Monthly Archives: April, 2013

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    I Love Beer More Than Jesus

    “How deep do you want to go?” These were the first words spoken by a jedi-knight of a counselor to my close friend as he embarked on a five-day counseling intensive.  Their meaning is simple and yet profound, and the answer isn’t assumed.  The counselor needed to know because my buddy’s response would be the...

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    Monday Morning – How Not To Become a Statistic

    Statistically, there are more heart attacks on Monday morning than any other time in the week. I’m sure you don’t have to hear that statistic to know the truth behind it; we’ve all tasted it. Monday morning can be a  treacherous outcropping with merciless waves of overwhelming responsibility, pressure and stress crashing in hard; along...

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    Exposure and Surrender

    No wonder why the Celtic Christians called the Holy Spirit the Wild Goose;  to follow Him is to invariably be led on an adventure that we would mostly never choose on our own. Recently, He took a wild, maddening turn in front of me through a great friend’s trip to the ER (thank you, Jon)....

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