Monthly Archives: October, 2013

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    Impossible Possible

    Recently, I was picking up the neighborhood boys to drive them to school along with our kids as is part of our Thursday morning liturgy.  But on this particular day, things were a bit different: our little buddy TJ had declared war on kindergarten and was standing his ground with every bit of strength he...

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    Who Are You Becoming?

    I was reading an NPR news article on Apple’s recent iPhone release and all the upgrades associated with their big splash.  In the world of “let’s build a better mousetrap,” it was quite impressive. Here are a few features that caught my attention: -a new lower-end 5c release at the $99.00 price point to capture...

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    Intimacy in the Fast Lane

    “Ask him if he ever makes a phone call while he’s making love with his wife.” “Really, God?  You want me to ask him that?!?” Yet again, God wasn’t willing to operate within the limits I had placed on Him. I had an hour planned with a good friend and alumni of The Intensive to...

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