Yearly Archives: 2013

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    Intimacy in the Fast Lane

    “Ask him if he ever makes a phone call while he’s making love with his wife.” “Really, God?  You want me to ask him that?!?” Yet again, God wasn’t willing to operate within the limits I had placed on Him. I had an hour planned with a good friend and alumni of The Intensive to...

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    How Roadkill Became My Love Language

    “Dear Jesus, please help my daddy find a fresh road kill.” It caught me completely off guard as my 6 year-old son offered this prayer from the back seat as we prayed through our daily prayer.  While it wasn’t completely out of context, it hadn’t dawned on me how much I must’ve been putting words...

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    Tumbleweeds and Joy Bombs

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was right after sunrise this morning as I drove down my street, heading out to meet some guys for an early bike ride. And there it was. A tumbleweed. In the middle of suburgatory asphalt and the tract home village. I’ve lived on this street for a decade and...

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    Dig Deep – Book Recommendations

    Goodness, Truth and Beauty Books are like people. They are beautiful and complicated.  Recommending books is kind of like recommending someone for a date.  There’s a bunch that can go right in the match. But there are typically a few land mines and booby traps as well. Everything in life that is worth doing takes...

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    Who Will Carry Your Casket?

    I’ve been a groomsman in quite a few weddings. And it’s truly an honor. In some ways, it is an outward expression of saying “I will” to walking alongside that man and that marriage into the unknown landscape ahead. But carrying a casket is different. Being a groomsman says, “I will.” Carrying a casket says,...

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    Did Jesus Wear Flip Flops?

    The First Disruption Years ago, my family and I were headed over to a friend’s house for dinner.  As we pulled in, we found my buddy cutting his grass on a riding lawnmower.  The scene would’ve been a normal one, except for one thing: the way my friend was cutting the grass. Instead of tidy...

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