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    Now Accepting Applications – Become Good Soil Intensive 2015

      We are accepting applications through January 15th for this event uniquely designed for world changing leaders of men. Click Here for more details and to apply. Special Note – 5-6 spots will be reserved for graduates of past Intensive Retreats.  In order to be considered for these spots, alumni can fill out the same...

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    The Best Christmas Gift You Could Give

    I came home from work just in time to tag team with Cherie and send her off to a regular monthly gathering of women.  I took off my work-hat and donned my dad-hat, diving deep into the list of what we had to accomplish for the night. I finished the dinner Cherie had graciously begun,...

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    The Night I Stole Baby Jesus – A Case for Killing Lions

    December 1994.  The tires screeched, spinning out on slick wet asphalt as we raced around the corner in the getaway car. Mary and Joseph were securely in our possession in the back of our speeding SUV with the hatch still open. Mission accomplished…or so we thought. Images from all the best chase scenes of the...

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    I Am His Favorite

    It was a shimmering rehearsal dinner, the headwaters of which were most certainly in Eternity. Cherie and I were basking in the midst, poignantly aware of the premium of the joy between us. You know how it goes: weddings can be a charged mirror reflecting back the current state of the union. We’ve attended our...

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    Wild and Free—A Conservation Ethic

    I nearly wet my pants. Energy from lightning ripped through the ground and I could feel it, even hear a faint, eerie hum.  The air was electrified, the sky ablaze as the sun dropped behind the jagged peaks of the Flat Tops Wilderness Area.   The sound of bull elk bugling in the early twilight crescendoed...

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    I still don’t get it: watching parades is like crack for my kids.  Any of you in this season of parenting know what I’m talking about: St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day—you name it, the kids go crazy. Granted, where else can you join throngs of people cheering as the fire truck goes...

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