Yearly Archives: 2014

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    Gone Fishin’

    The morning fog hovers like a shroud over the still, glassy waters.  Through trial and error over the week, my son and I have patterned the bass that once in a while work their way out of the weedy shelf seventy-five yards from shore and come into the shallows. On this particular morning, we are...

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    What Do I Need to Grieve?

    It was a $5,282.00 period at the end of a short and beautiful sentence that was my brother’s life: the cost of the permanent gravestone I saw for the first time today.  The reality of the eighteen-month losing battle with brain cancer, like a sledge hammer, once again knocked me off my feet. I have...

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    Conservation of Energy

    Winston Churchill Few men have been regarded in the annals of recent history with more celebration than Winston Churchill.  What intrigues me is something I read recently about Churchill’s own understanding of the qualities that gave his life and strength such power and efficacy. In his biography of this British hero, Churchill, Paul Johnson shares...

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    Stranded with Flip Flops – A Case for a Generalist

    Grizzly Adams and His Tow Truck It was a divine disruption I didn’t have time for.  And it changed my life, forever. This unexpected encounter began over a blown-out tire on the way home from an early Ransomed Heart event. At the time, one of my buddies directed the resource center and I directed the...

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    Castration – A Case for Carrying a Knife

    Disclaimer: is a blog written for men who are choosing a decade of excavation.  My motive is to write with integrity and love to this group of men uniquely.  If that’s not you, I welcome you to enjoy, drink deeply, and invite God to bring nourishment to your heart. But be mindful that some...

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    Beauty Hunting

    It was approaching dusk on a November afternoon, and I was splitting the last of the logs we cut for firewood, when suddenly the fading light transformed the sky into a suspended ocean of luminous peach and rose, the glow from which caught me off guard. I could do nothing other than drop my splitting...

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