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    Anything, Anywhere – The Four Primary Questions for Masculine Initiation

    His joy was infectious.  And every circumstance and every outcome of this moment was not conducive to joy.  Paul was a beaten, broken man.  He had suffered physical abuse, spiritual abuse, emotional abuse. He was lonely, cold and imprisoned. And nothing could stop his joy.  After years of practice, years of training and years of consenting...

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    Living on 15 Amps

    We’d gathered back at the WilderLodge after a full day of typical family life. Joshua stood outside to the right of the front steps taking a leak, making a large arc and clearly preparing for the snow he hoped would soon fall. After emptying our week’s plumbing activity into a 28-gallon portable tank, I climbed...

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    Hunting to Train

    “Wilderness adventure is like reading a good book [a page and] a chapter at a time. The last page is usually pretty good because you’ve read the whole book.” –Tavis Molnar  (Arctic Red Outfitters) “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” –Theodore Roosevelt The sweat drips off the brim of my hat, joining...

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    A Few, and Those Very Deeply

    A young apprentice once asked Dallas Willard, “What books do you recommend reading?” Dallas, after a long pause (there is always a long pause with Dallas), responded, “I recommend a few. And to read those very deeply.” The refreshing counsel of a sage. We are all immersed in a culture bombarding us with content. Some...

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    She Has My Delight

    It all started with one shimmering pair of pink cowgirl boots. My then two-year-old princess, clothed in her leotard, would tug them on with a grin, then twirl with delight. And melt this daddy-heart of mine. A tradition began, inspired by a row of cowgirl boots I’d seen in the home of a mentor years before. Each...

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    A Celebration of Boyhood

    It wasn’t at all what I expected. A long driveway meandered up a gentle rise under an extensive canopy of Colorado ponderosa pines. On my left, a creek drainage harbored a well-worn treehouse. Early evening light highlighted bikes, skateboards, paintball guns, and other boyhood accessories, all of which testified to a world of adventure and play....

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