Yearly Archives: 2019

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    A Strength Overplayed

    I can tell you a whole lot more about the features of a Ford F-150 than I could’ve a week ago. Which trim packages upgrade to LED box lighting. The range of performance and optional distinctions between the XLT, Lariat, and King Ranch. The benefits of EcoBoost, the pros and cons of flex-fuel technology, and...

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    The Most Disappointing Person Who Ever Lived

    I am furious. They promised. Today was my chance. My only chance. And yet, the magician vanished as quickly as he  appeared. Mostly what I see in his wake are chaos and rumors. Yet here and there, I can’t help but notice what I can only call miracles. A woman claims that just days ago...

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    What Are My Questions? – Preparing for the 50th Podcast Episode

    (USE THIS FORM to submit your questions for the 50th podcast episode.) Or better yet, share your question as a voice recording and I’ll do my best to feature it on a future podcast. Please share your name and where your recording from if you want to make it personal. Thanks! Early in my masculine...

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    What Is Your Epitaph?

    The masculine initiation can often be characterized not as a series of high achievements, but rather as a series of humiliations of the false self. Within the span of a single month last year, the world lost too many really good men. A few were elders; their crossing over was filled with sorrow but also...

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