Men at the Outpost – October 21, 2014

Hello, Trouble

A Man was always intended to be, at core, a generalist.

This page is an invitation to dive deeper from the Livestream Teaching – Hello Trouble and from the Become Good Soil Teaching Series.

If you are not familiar with those resources:

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(Become Good Soil Intensive Teaching will be released in Spring of 2015)

Reflection Questions to Walk Through with God

– Make two lists:

      – Useful things I can do:

      – Useful things I can’t do.

      What is the Father wanting to say to you in those lists?  What is He wanting you to do about it?

– Where do you feel incompetent, weak, or fearful?

– What parts of you, as a man, feel underdeveloped, lacking?

– What have you outsourced? Why?  What is your motive in doing so?

Take Action over the Next Three Weeks

– The Knife – Ask the Father to bestow on you knife. Or, if He already has, take time to hold it. Ask Him to speak His words of affirmation to you, as His son, His man.  Consider carrying it daily.  Let it be a symbol through which the Father can pursue you and recover places yielded, surrendered, atrophied, and outsourced.

– Bestow a knife on another man.  Take time to pray, Father, who would You like me to gift a knife to?  What words would You have to speak to him through me?

– Read the manual – Pick two manuals from things you own.  Read them cover to cover and ask God to use them to invite you deeper into how those things work.  Own your stuff rather than it owning you.

– Identify two things you have outsourced for the wrong motives.  Ask God to help you take them back.


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“220, 221. Whatever it takes.”-Jack Butler