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About the Author

Morgan Snyder has served alongside John Eldredge since before the inception of Ransomed Heart Ministries almost two decades ago. Originally developing and directing the retreats and conferences, Morgan now serves as a Speaker, Teacher and Director of Strategy.

He is married to an extraordinary woman, Cherie, and finds great joy in adventuring with his eleven year old son Joshua and his eight year old daughter Abigail. Morgan lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and when he’s not with his family or on mission, he is most often found on expeditions in the mountains of Colorado.

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About the Blog

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Dallas Willard suggested that the primary work of God is finding men in whom He can entrust His power.  Unfortunately the story of most men is being entrusted with power, and it bringing harm to themselves and those under their care.

Every man longs to be powerful.  What does that journey look like?  Specifically what is at the center of the decade of the thirties?  What are the pitfalls?  What are the points we must have on our road map in order to find our bearings and move toward our destination.

September marked the 16th anniversary of me choosing an intentional season of training over building.  For the last seven years I have been taking these questions to older, wiser men of character who have traveled the ancient path that Jeremiah talks about.  I have discovered a treasure chest of counsel and insight and am using BecomeGoodSoil.com to share some of those treasures with other men who are courageously choosing to become wholehearted; to Become Good Soil.  Men that want to take the road less traveled; the “ancient paths” as the Scriptures say.  Men who want to lean into Wisdom as the “craftsman at the hand of God before creation” (Proverbs 2).  After over 16 years of living in this stage and through sitting at the feet of over seventy five sages, i’ve been compelled to share of the thoughts and help nourish other peers along the way.  Dallas Willard often said, “The most important thing in your life, is no what you do, it is who you become.”

Let’s become, together…

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About the Editor


She is my sunrise.

GK Chesterton once said that “Every sunset speaks of His death and every sunrise of His resurrection.” Cherie speaks daily to my heart of His resurrection. Winsome, generous, engaged, thought-provoking, intensely wanting more… more of life, more of God, more of Goodness, Truth and Beauty, wherever it can be found.  She’s a devoted student, a master of words, brilliant mother, inexhaustibly forgiving wife and partner and more than I could’ve dreamed up in a best friend.

We’ve been married for over fourteen years and have struggled for, wept over, fought for and looked to all that is available in marriage.  We’ve had highs of highs and the lows of lows and we can say with profound gratitude, we’re intact and becoming more united with each passing season.  Simply put, we’ve tasted what it means in marriage to “contend as one,” and we truly have become champions of marriage.

Cherie’s made my blog possible.  I’ve lived a lifetime of fear and inadequacy around writing and she’s been my biggest champion to just “ship it.”  She offers her eyes, her prayers and her ability as a writer to be my editor-in-chief, giving of her precious time and her care to make many of these blogs move from personal thoughts to communal realities.

As the Chief Life Officer of our domain, Cherie spends most of her time nurturing the hearts of our young kids and going after much in her spiritual life that is beyond what I even dreamed is available.  She is an anointed Holy Yoga instructor and brings Jesus to many through that spiritual discipline. Hopefully you can receive through one of her classes if you are ever in Colorado Springs.




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Colorado Springs, CO 80949

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