“Worship is what we give our hearts to in exchange for the promise of life.”
-John Eldredge

All day long, we worship people, places, things, and ideas.

Yet when we strip off all the religious veils and cut to the heart – our own heart, and the heart of God – we can have a treasure. The treasure. We can turn away from our less-wild lovers and give our hearts over to God.  And He will give us life.

Worship is an essential way of living that allows our hearts to come home to God again and again and again.

Once in a while I experience a song that has a deep anointing.  I experience God and the fullness of His heart as Father, as Jesus, and as the Holy Spirit coming to me and coming for me. And I experience the capacity to give my heart back to Him with greater and greater abandonment. I experience union with Him and a coursing exchange of love and affection.

Most of us live as dry sponges. We chase down solutions to so many problems without pausing to simply become saturated in the love and life of God.  I want to be a sponge that is full. Saturated. No spiritual discipline has provided me more of His heart than personal worship.

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